Frequently Asked Questions

What Does "Carat" Mean, and How Much Does One Actually Weigh?

word "Carat" comes from the Greek name of a seed, which was first used in ancient times as a measure of weight. A carat weighs seven-thousandths of an ounce, and about 142 of them are needed to make a single ounce. The carat is divided into 100 points, so that when a woman says her diamond is a quarter of a carat, for example, she means it is 25 points.

What Does the Word "Jewelry" Really Mean?

 According to the Latin and French derivation of the word, it means joy or gladness. Historians say that even back in prehistoric times jewelry was known and regarded as a symbol of happiness.

Where Did the Word "Watch" Come From?

The word originated with the portable clocks that were carried by the town watchman as he made his rounds. They were first called "watchman's clocks," then "watch clocks," and finally just "watches."