HIMO WATCH- pacifico

If you prefer a watch with a touch of authenticity, the Pacifico collection is your wrist mate, crafted with care in every single detail, the dial is a magnificent gradient of colors crowned with diamond cut markers, with a domed glass as a final touch to form a masterpiece of elegance and style that would add a vintage touch to your modern look.


Lady D


The journey of life




Like the exotic, charming island, this collection is strict to those who wish to look special, a collection that has all the stunning mother of pearls dial colors inspired by the heavenly island, with a bracelet that takes us back to that view of beautiful, diverse rocks amidst the sea. A watch, once you wear, you are sure never to take off your hand.


The Collection of Royalty. As the name indicates, is inspired by everything that is grand and royal, the lug of this watch is inspired by the truly magical and beautiful shape of a queen’s dress. La Reine watch is also adorned with rare pearls and jewels reminiscent of a queen’s crown of grandeur and royalty. This Collection is perfect for those who express an extravagant taste of luxury in every step.

HIMO WATCH-Elizabeth

 For everything that is beautiful and regal, a walk through history, after all the great characters named Elizabeth, they combined, beauty, power and strength, all of these are interpreted into one single watch, the collection vary between splendid simple watches and those with heaven drops of distinguished-cut diamonds that make the history of a thousand years right around your wrist.